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Zoro Official Website and Proxies

There are many fake websites online called Zoro; if you use all those sites, your data is likely to be stolen. Always use the official Zoro website and app for this.

Below is a list of Zoro’s official website and some Zoro alternative sites.

  • zorox.to
  • zoro to site
  • zoro
  • zoro download
  • zoro website

Keep bookmarking our zorotoapp.net website by pressing CTRL+D for updates on the official zoro website.

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How to download Zoro App?

This APK can’t be downloaded from the Google Play Store. The Zoro app can be downloaded only from our site, zorotoapp.net.

How to download the app is given below, step by step.

  1. First, open the site zorotoapp.net.
  2. Then press on the “Get Zoro App” button.
  3. You will be taken to the download page; now click the “Download App” button.
  4. Now wait for five seconds; click the “Download APK” button, and the Zoro APK download will start.

Is Zoro App Safe to use?

We always want our users to avoid any problems while using the app. That’s why we have developed the app wholly safe and secure. You can use the app without any fear.

Is Zoro App Free To Use?

Yes, Just as you can use our Zorox website for free, this app does not require payment. You can use the Zoro APK for free.

The Alternative of Zoro App


9anime is the most popular anime streaming platform. Here, you can watch and download all types of anime movies and TV shows dubbed and subtitled in different languages. 9anime was launched in 2016; their domain name was later changed to Aniwave due to some issues. 9anime has been streaming legal anime videos on its platform since 2016. At present, they have more than 140 million users. 9anime has an official app. It’s free to use. You can watch and download anime videos from their app.


Aniwave is another anime streaming platform. Here, you can watch and download all types of anime movies, TV shows, ONA, OVA, and AMV for free. Aniwave was first known as 9anime, but due to some problems, they later changed the name to Aniwave. This Aniwave site has more than 400 million users who use it constantly. There is an official Aniwave app, which you can use for free.


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The Zoro app is streaming favorite shows and movies videos for anime lovers. Also, the app offers a convenient and user-friendly platform. The Zoroxtv website and app helps users find the latest anime release videos easily with regular updates. Also offers a customizable playlist, subtitles in multiple languages, and downloads for watching anime videos offline.

In a nutshell, the zoro app helps you to fulfill your entertainment needs through TV series, movies and a user-friendly interface. So without waiting any more download the Zoro app and start an exciting journey in the anime world.